Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for.........(wait for it)..........

Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart. - Unknown

V is for VACCINES!

What is an Autism blog without a post on vaccines?

Even if Autism has not directly impacted your life, you have probably heard about the controversy surrounding vaccinations. 

Here at the Blog of Isms, we do not delve in to the controversial.  And, I am fairly certain that my two-cents on this topic are worthless.  Also, since I already alienated some of my readers with yesterday's revealing post on my love of soccer, I am not about to alienate the rest of you with commentary on vaccines.

But, hypothetically speaking, if I had to comment on vaccines, I would say the following:

Brilliant words. More brilliant words.  Insightful words.  Very insightful words.  Extremely insightful words.  Some self deprecating words.  Very, very funny words.  Filler words.  Words that will be edited if the post gets to long.  Creative transition words.  Plain words.  More plain words.  Poor word choices made in haste.  Words I will later regret.  Words that will later get me a smack from my wife.  Average words.  More Average words.  Some below average words.  Fifty-Cent words.  Words with brilliant and insightful commentary.  Words that will alienate someone.  Words that put the alienating words in context.  Healing words.  Kumbaya. 

I would follow that up with: Brilliant insight which will be purchased by Hallmark.

That all being said, I can tell you this: 

I have three boys now ages 8, 6 and 3.  After thoughtful consideration and due diligence, all three have received the recommended vaccinations.  The six year old has Autism.  The other two do not.

Please disperse.  There is nothing left to see here!


  1. Yeah, at times I want to blog about politics, but I know half of my readers may not agree.

    By the way, I detest soccer (but played it in school) yet I am your new follower. lol

  2. That is the most objective and impartial post I have read on vaccinations. Well done.

    ps- I am still reeling a bit from yesterday's soccer post, but I'll make peace with it eventually.

    pss- I hope you know I'm totally kidding.

  3. Brilliant. Everything covered I reckon.